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3D Scanning and Inspection Services

Laser Projector Technology based tracer

Using CAD files to provide a virtual templating solution eliminates the need for physical templates and hard tooling. The risk of human error and costly scrap during assembly is significantly reduced.  Manufacturers are able to avoid the time and expense associated with using large, heavy templates while significantly improving quality control processes.  An easy-to-use operator interface minimizes both the time and the skill required for operation.

Intended for large-scale applications, the TracerM features accurate, variable and long-range projection to cover an envelope of up to 15.2 x 15.2 meters (50 x 50 feet), and has a 3D projection range of 1.8 to 15.2 meters (6 to 50 feet).

The FARO TracerM Laser Projector allows manufacturers to improve both quality and efficiency.  Costly non-conformances are eliminated by implementing a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution to streamline production processes.

FARO Laser Tracker

Laser Trackers are high-performance, high-value Laser Trackers which maximize productivity and reduce inspection cycle times by up to 75% . These Laser Trackers set the standard in workflow productivity management for large-scale metrology applications by offering mobile device control, exceptional portability, battery operation, ruggedness, and high accuracy.

VantageS: 160m (525 ft.) spherical working volume

Accuracy up to 0.015mm (0.0006 in.)* [*Typical angle measurement performance at 2m]

Hot swappable batteries that eliminate the need for AC power and cabling

FARO Arm with HD Blue light Scanner

It’s a competitive all-in-one metrology solution.

The FaroArm is an innovative portable coordinate measuring machine that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, dimensional analysis, CAD comparison, tool certifications, and more. The Quantum line of FaroArm extends FARO’s tradition of maximum unsurpassed measurement accuracy, consistency and reliability in every working environment.

It is the perfect contact/non-contact measurement system. Unlike other scanning systems, the ScanArm’s hard probe and the Laser Line Probe can digitize interchangeably without having to remove either component. Users can accurately measure prismatic features with the hard probe, then laser scan sections requiring larger volumes of data — all in one simple tool.

FAROBlu HD LLP (Laser Line Probe) laser technology delivers improved scanning results with higher resolution

High Dynamic Range Mode and advanced software algorithms to scan challenging materials

LED Rangefinder functionality provides real-time scanning feedback


Consistent part and assembly specifications

Accuracy and consistency
The FARO® Laser Tracker is ideal for many tasks such as machine tool alignment, roller and press alignment, jig and fixture alignment or CMM alignment. Machines that are out of tolerance produce defective parts and are subject to failure. This accurate and fast method reduces downtime, improves quality and generates a proper trend analysis of distortion and other changes in a machine’s operation.

Produce consistent parts
For smaller scale tasks, such as on-machine alignment, portable CMMs, such as the FaroArm are an ideal solution to complement the laser tracker work.

Non-Contact Inspection

3D scanning at your fingertips

FARO’s ScanArm allows for rapid scanning with an extended field of view where conventional contact inspection methods are not feasible or practical. Data is captured in high definition and detailed 3D point clouds.

Easily measure complex shapes

Non-contact 3D scanning from FARO can digitize features such as flush and gap that are difficult to inspect with contact methods. Complex shapes and difficult-to-access parts can now be easily inspected and verified accurately. Capture seamless information required for precise measurement and accurate inspection of parts on the shop floor.

CAD-Based Inspection

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Portable CMMs from FARO simplify the implementation of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and provide efficient, easy-to-use solutions for CAD-based 3D inspections and nominal comparisons.

The workflow begins with using FARO’s contact and non-contact measuring tools such as the FaroArm, FARO ScanArm, FARO Laser Tracker or FARO Imager to take precise measurements of a part or assembly.

To the CAD model specifications

Once the measurements are taken, the operator can use software solutions to compare the part or assembly to the specifications in the CAD model. CAD overlays are used to check complex geometry against design specifications to evaluate deviations in surface form and ensure every part is produced to an exacting tolerance.

Dimensional Analysis

With dimensional analysis, accurate measurements are the difference between conformance and non-conformance, between scrapped parts and usable parts. FARO’s Arm, Tracker, and Imager solutions are all “metrology grade”, meaning that they have been calibrated with precision for confidence of correct measurements.

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