The ZG 3D GScan Scanner is a highprecision 3D scanning system that provides fast, accurate, and repeatable 3D measurement results. The GScan uses laser triangulation technology to capture threedimensional data of objects and surfaces in real time. The system is capable of scanning objects that range in size from small parts to large objects and is ideal for reverse engineering, quality control, and rapid prototyping. The GScan Scanner is easy to use, allowing users to quickly and easily capture 3D data and process it into 3D CAD models.

GScan is a new multi-functional handheld 3D scanner(white light) developed independently by ZG Technology Co., Ltd. Quick acquisition of the object 3D data, smart, portable, and high accuracy, all make GScan a true non-contact measurement solution.

No need for positioning targets, and intelligent guidance operations. Lightweight, easy to carry, easy operation, multi-function scanning to meet different requirements.


Key Feature

White light technology

Visualized Operation

Industrial Color Camera

No need to place markers

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