HyperScan DX-B

HyperScan DX-B

The HyperScan DX-B Smart Optical Tracking 3D Scanner uses blue laser technology and has multiple working modes. The standard scanning mode has 26 blue laser lines with a scanning speed of up to 1,340,000 measurements/s, which dramatically improves scanning efficiency; the extra single line scanning mode can measure the hard-to-reach areas well; and there are 7 parallel laser lines for fine details scanning.

The HyperScan DX-B can work with optical tracking from the tracker and does not require any markers on the part’s surface; it can also scan with markers on the part’s surface and does not require a tracker.

Optical-Tracking-3D Laser-Scanner

Key Features

All Blue Laser Technology

Ultra-fine Scanning

Hole Flash Capture Function

Hybrid Scanning Mode

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