Civil Engineering/Surveying Application

Civil Engineering/Surveying

Application for civil engineering/surveying that entails analyzing and documenting information about a piece of land. The planning of construction projects can then be aided by these observations. In civil engineering, determining the three-dimensional relationships between various sites is the primary goal of surveying.



Scanning of Big or Distant Items:

The Focus S350's extra-long range allows for simple scanning and analysis of many kinds of high, long, or challenging-to-access objects.

Project Supervision:

To ensure that the project's criteria are met, each phase of the project must be closely monitored. This is true for any project involving the construction of excavations, bridges, towers, open-pit mines, highways, railways, reservoirs, and pipelines.

Deformation Monitoring:

Determining whether the structure or object under observation is undergoing shape change or motion. conserves time and rework while building.

Huge Volume Calculation:

Regularly determining large volumes is a crucial factor when measuring loose material in bulk, such as in barges, silos, or warehouses. Dimensional computations are made possible by laser scanning and are quick, precise, and dependable.

Quality control

Accurate laser scanning makes sure the final as-built condition adheres to the original purpose and reduces the likelihood of future issues.

Other Applications

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