Facility Management Application

Facility Management Application

Complete and precise 3D documentation of the current status of Buildings and construction sites present statuses are completely and accurately documented in 3D. Facilities managers, architects, construction engineers, construction specialists, and surveyors are particularly well-suited for it.
the ideal foundation for managing properties, planning construction projects, and carrying them out. Global CAD Technology offers a seamless workflow from scan to FMCAD deliverables with its SCENE and Point Sense solutions.




Whether it's the structural condition of a manufacturing facility or the building services equipment in an office space, we accurately document the inventory data required by Facility Managers.

Planning Structural Modifications:

The scan data offers a precise three-dimensional representation of the building's current condition. Facilities Managers can therefore review the potential uses for rooms well before planning gets underway.

Replanting of Technical Adjustments:

In the virtual model, modifications to technical components like pipes, air ducts, and electrical supply lines can be shown and checked beforehand. This provides a reliable foundation for planning.

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