Heritage Application

Heritage Application

At Global CAD Technology, we believe that heritage applications are key to the future of 3D metrology. Our heritage applications provide our clients with the ability to measure and analyze the exact dimensions and features of parts and components. By combining the latest metrology hardware and software with decades of experience, we are able to guarantee accurate results for any application.

Our heritage applications utilize advanced 3D scanning and measurement technologies to accurately analyze and measure a variety of parts and components. Our 3D scanning systems provide a fully automated process that can accurately measure the features of any part or component, regardless of shape or size. We also use a variety of software packages to accurately analyze and compare the results of our 3D scans.




Detailed 3D data for recreating the lost appearance of a historical site or archaeological object components.


The creation of 3D models for restoration purposes that preserve the original building substance without the use of scaffolding.


Exact 3D CAD documentation for historical/archeological material and inventory preservation and protection.

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