Process Industry & Digital Factory Applications

Process Industry & Digital Factory

High fidelity and significant time savings for 3D documentation of intricate manufacturing and plant setups. minimizing risk in brownfield projects where access is expensive or difficult and time is essential of the essence. Costs associated with brownfields can be cut by 5–7%, and rework contingencies can be minimized to around 2%. Up to 10% of schedules can be compressed. effective management and supervision of environmental, health, and safety laws.



Conversions and extensions

Accurate 3D documentation of the property's current condition serves as the foundation for planning.

Offsite production:

Due to precise 3D CAD data and dimensional control, off-site manufacture can be done with a tight fit.

Asset management:

Using full 3D master data, simulations, and virtual reality training, it is possible to simplify facility management, maintenance, and training, among other tasks.

Other Applications

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