Public Safety and Forensics Built for the Field

Public Safety and Forensics Built for the Field

At Global CAD Technology, we understand that public safety and forensics are essential components of a secure society. That‘s why we have developed a suite of 3D metrology applications that are built for the field, ensuring public safety and security no matter where you are. Our applications are designed to provide accurate and reliable results that can be used to solve complex cases and keep communities safe. Our public safety and forensics applications are designed with law enforcement in mind. They can be used to accurately measure evidence, reconstruct crime scenes, and provide detailed analysis of evidence collected from the field. 



Crime Scenes Investigation & Analysis:

The FARO Laser Scanner Focus makes difficult and time-sensitive investigations simpler and quicker.

Bullet Path Reconstruction:

By combining conventional investigation techniques with cutting-edge laser scanning technology, bullet pathways can be quickly and accurately recreated.

Crash Investigation & Analysis:

Using FARO laser scanners, handling, investigating, and analyzing traffic accidents, their cause, and their impact, is done quickly and accurately.

Passive Safety of Cars:

Passenger survival may depend on reducing the effects of collisions with laser scanner-tested passive safety devices.

Fire Investigation:

A comprehensive recreation of the fire site.

Other Applications

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