Shipbuilding Application

Shipbuilding Application

A quick and trustworthy method to record intricate as-built circumstances in engine and pump rooms is a shipbuilding application. Detailed information in 3 dimensions about the conditions as they are. Reducing risk in projects with challenging access and short timelines.



As-Built Documentation:

Whenever original drawings are missing or incorrect, 3D laser scanning systems make it possible to digitize ship hulls and components (as is often the case with old vessels).

Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) Retrofit:

Future legislation mandates that all ocean-going vessels be equipped with ballast water treatment equipment. Challenges like measuring the constrained space in engine rooms and gathering trustworthy data for the retrofitting installation process can be handled with 3D laser scanning.

Ship Repair:

3D laser scanning may be used to quickly and accurately inspect ship parts while they are being repaired.

Other Applications

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