FARO Focus Premium

FARO Focus Premium

FARO Focus Premium is a powerful scanner designed to deliver superior accuracy and performance for a wide range of surveying and metrology applications. With its high-precision laser technology, FARO Focus Premium is the go-to solution for professionals seeking to capture fast, precise, and reliable 3D data.

FARO Focus Premium offers top-of-the-line accuracy and performance. Its advanced laser technology provides high resolution and accuracy, enabling professionals to capture highly detailed 3D data with minimal effort. The scanner also features an intuitive user interface and simple setup process, making it easy to use and configure. With its superior portability, the scanner can be quickly set up and used in any environment, allowing users to quickly capture 3D data with minimal disruption.


FARO Focus Premium is the perfect solution for professionals looking to capture accurate and reliable data. From engineering to architecture, the scanner can be used to quickly and easily capture highly detailed 3D data for a variety of applications. With its superior accuracy and performance, FARO Focus Premium ensures that professionals can capture the most accurate data.

Key Features

Software Compatibility

Up to 50% faster scan times

Super-High Color Resolution

Two-Year warranty

Multiple Point Clouds, Multiple Devices

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