FARO Super 6DoF TrackArm

Super 6DoF TrackArm

The groundbreaking Faro Super 6Dof TrackArm represents a revolutionary leap in tracking technology, meeting the demands of advanced industrial applications with unparalleled precision and control over movement. This meticulously designed 6-axis system elevates 3D tracking to new standards, offering users an impressive range of up to 4 meters and six degrees of freedom for intricate and nuanced movements. Its adaptability is further enhanced by an adjustable range of motion, making it an indispensable tool in various industrial settings.

Versatility is a defining feature of the Faro Super 6Dof TrackArm, making it well-suited for applications across different industries, including manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and maintenance. In these realms, the tracking system proves its worth by delivering precise and reliable performance, seamlessly integrating into workflows to enhance productivity and accuracy in tasks requiring meticulous measurements and intricate movements.


Engineered to thrive in challenging environments, the TrackArm is built to withstand extreme temperatures and high-vibration conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in the most demanding industrial settings. Its robust construction, coupled with the ability to operate effectively in tight spaces, makes it an ideal choice for projects where spatial constraints are a consideration.

The Faro Super 6Dof TrackArm is not merely a tracking system; it represents a comprehensive solution for high-precision industrial applications. Its multifaceted design and adaptability underscore its value across a spectrum of tasks, empowering professionals to excel in complex assembly processes, detailed inspections, and maintenance operations. As industries continue to evolve, the Faro Super 6Dof TrackArm stands as a testament to innovation, providing a reliable and advanced solution for the challenges of modern industrial workflows.

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Key Features

Seamless Integration

Six Degrees of Freedom

Ultimate Portability

Device Flexibility

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