Tracer Laser Projectors for Manufacturing & Construction

Tracer Laser Projector for Manufacturing & Construction

Global CAD Technology proudly introduces FARO’s Tracer Laser Projector for Manufacturing and Construction, delivering cutting-edge technology for cost-effective and reliable precision measurement and alignment across diverse applications.

FARO Tracer Laser Projector delivers superior accuracy, speed, and reliability. The system can be swiftly set by users to capture and measure almost any surface, including curved and irregular shapes, expediting alignment and verification of parts and assemblies.

These laser projectors find usage in industrial, construction, and research settings, demonstrating long-range capability and rapid capture for detailed imaging. They are ideal for manufacturers, engineers, and builders since the tracer laser projectors from FARO ensure quick and accurate project completion. They boast an intuitive touchscreen interface and possess advanced features for precise measurements and alignment.


Unparalleled precision with FARO’s laser projector, providing top-tier accuracy and reliability at a budget-friendly cost. It stands as the ultimate solution for a wide range of production and construction requirements, ensuring your projects reach new heights of efficiency.

Embark on a journey of precision with FARO’s state-of-the-art tracer laser projector. Designed to elevate your manufacturing and construction projects, this cutting-edge technology guarantees enhanced accuracy, speed, and reliability. By investing in innovation today, you unlock a realm of seamless measurements and alignments, ushering in a new era of efficiency. Don’t miss out—explore the possibilities with Global CAD TechnologyContact Us Today!

Key Features

3D CAD-based Virtual Templating

Exceptional Projection Accuracy

Workflow Automation

Long-range Projection

Advanced Trajectory Control (ATC)

Multi-projector Array

Rugged, Reliable Design

Feature-based (Targetless) Alignment

In-process Verification

Foreign Object and Debris (FOD) Detection

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