FARO Focus Premium

FARO Focus Premium

The FARO Focus Premium and FARO Focus Core are two new FARO 3D scanners that produce accurate, comprehensive, and lifelike representations of any environment or item. Both devices are simple to use and come with built-in protection against dirt, dust, fog, rain, and extremes of heat and cold. In addition to capturing data quickly and efficiently since pre-registration scans are instantly sent into the cloud; feedback is gathered as you work.

Focus Premium (and Focus Core as an optional feature) help FARO’s companion products, Sphere, and the Stream app offer better data faster. To address the needs of today’s increasingly distant, digital workforce, they offer shortened time to decisions while simplifying processes.


Key Features

Software Compatibility

Up to 50% faster scan times

Super-High Color Resolution

Two-Year warranty

Multiple Point Clouds, Multiple Devices

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