Tracer Laser Projectors for Manufacturing & Construction

Tracer Laser Projectors for Manufacturing & Construction

Global CAD Technology is proud to introduce FARO‘s tracer laser projectors for Manufacturing and Construction. This cuttingedge technology provides a costeffective and reliable solution for precision measurement and alignment in a variety of applications.

FARO‘s tracer laser projectors provide superior accuracy, speed, and reliability. The system is easy to set up, allowing users to quickly capture and measure almost any type of surface, including curved and irregular shapes. It can be used to align and verify parts and assemblies in a fraction of the time that manual methods require.

The tracer laser projectors are designed to be used in industrial and construction settings, as well as in laboratories and other research settings. The projector‘s longrange capability and its ability to quickly capture and display detailed images make it a valuable tool for manufacturers, engineers, and builders.


FARO‘s tracer laser projectors offer the highest level of accuracy and reliability to ensure that projects are completed quickly and accurately. The system‘s intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to use, and its advanced features allow for precise measurements and alignment. With its affordable price, the tracer laser projector is a great solution for any production or construction need.

Key Features

3D CAD-based Virtual Templating

Exceptional Projection Accuracy

Workflow Automation

Long-range Projection

Advanced Trajectory Control (ATC)

Multi-projector Array

Rugged, Reliable Design

Feature-based (Targetless) Alignment

In-process Verification

Foreign Object and Debris (FOD) Detection

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